Maitland Catholic schools Les Darcy memorial sports day

Les Darcy memorial sports day | PHOTOS, VIDEO FUN: Darcy Mullan, 11, and Isaac Castle, 12.


FUN: Veronica Parra-Mariaca, 10, and Christopher Robertson, 10 from Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School.

FUN: Stephanie Redcliffe, 12 and Jack Walch, 10 from Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School.

FUN: Charlotte Abdoo, 11, Izzy Procopis, 12 and Sahra Brown, 10, from St Aloysius Primary Catholic School at Chisholm.

FUN: Charlotte Fortune, 10, and Poppy McDonnell, 10, from St John the Baptist Primary School at Maitland.

FUN: Mason Puxty, 12, and Jaxson Stevenson, 10 in Les Darcy pose.

FUN: Sienna D’Angelo, 11 and Gabby Johnson, 11, from St Joseph’s Primary School at East Maitland.

FUN: Campbell Meyn, 12, and Timothy Kerkhof, 12 from St Joseph’s Primary School.

FUN: Bridget Carmody, 11, and Abbey Cant, 12 from St Joseph’s Primary School.

FUN: Harriet Greentree, 10, Caitlin Crawford, 10, and Georgia Simmons-Aspinall, 11.


facebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsappcommentCommentsLes Darcy: Maitland’s fighting spirit | photos, video, interactiveMaitland’s Fighting Spirit | YOUR PHOTOSHundreds of primary school students from across the region have marked the 100thanniversary ofboxing legend Les Darcy’s death with asporting gala day.

Four hundred year 5 and 6 students from Catholic primary schools met at Maitland Park on Wednesday for a series of sporting sessions run byrepresentatives from the NRL, soccer, Rugby Union and hockey.

Former Hockeyroo and dualCommonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Kate Jenner, NRL Development representativeMatt Sharmanand Development Officer of NSW Rugby UnionGeorge Gargoulakis were among the sport stars who helped the students refine their skills.

It is the first time a Darcy memorial sporting gala day has been held. It is one of a number of events being held in Maitland this week to celebrate the boxing star.

Jeremy Watt at the Catholic schools commemorative Les Darcy sports day in Maitland pic.twitter苏州美甲学校/KPCPYfouRX

— MaitlandMercury (@MaitlandMercury) May 24, 2017