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Quadrant online editor laments Manchester blast not against ABC

The Australian Federal Police has been notified that the online editor of the Australian conservative journal Quadrant wrote an opinion piece saying that, “had there been a shred of justice”, the Manchester blast would have “detonated in an Ultimo TV studio”.
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He added that, if such an attack took place, “none of the panel’s likely casualties would have represented the slightest reduction in humanity’s intelligence, decency, empathy or honesty”.

The piece, written by Quadrant’s online editor, Roger Franklin, was posted on Tuesday night as coverage continued of the terrorist attack in Manchester that has so far killed 22.

The contentious passage was later amended to begin: “What if that blast had detonated in an Ultimo TV studio?” and it remains on the journal’s site, entitled “The Manchester Bomber’s ABC Pals”.

The ABC’s managing director, Michelle Guthrie, has written a letter of complaint to Quadrant, describing Franklin’s piece as vicious and offensive.

“To take issue with our programming and our content is one thing,” she wrote. “But to express the wish that, if there were any justice, the horrific terrorist bombing in Manchester would have taken place in the ABC’s Ultimo studio and killed those assembled there is a new low in Australian public debate.”

She said that a result of the piece was that, while ABC staff in Sydney and Manchester worked to cover the bombing, management was forced to call in security experts to assess any possible threat to their safety.

She asked that the piece be removed and an apology made.

Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield has described the comments as “sick and unhinged”.

A senior staff member at the ABC said it was sickening that an editor at Quadrant would “appropriate the tragedy in Manchester to use in some sort of hate campaign against the ABC”.

Because the ABC’s Q&A program regularly invites prominent guests to interact with members of the public, it maintains a relationship with the federal police.

Fairfax Media understands that the federal police have been notified about Franklin’s comments.

Security is expected to be particularly tight during the program’s next episode, which is to be held at Parliament House.

Franklin told Fairfax Media that he stood by the point he was seeking to illustrate in the essay, which he said he had first posted in draft form and updated progressively over the evening.

“The whole piece was an attack on terrorism. It is absurd to suggest that in the third-last paragraph I would advocate a terrorist act.”

He said he was making a rhetorical point about the absurdity of a suggestion by one of the panelists on Monday night’s program that accidents involving refrigerators kill more people than terrorism, and what he saw as the ongoing refusal of ABC commentators to acknowledge the true causes of terrorism.

“Our lives and the way we live are being constricted, we live in fear and the causes are being obfuscated,” he said.

On Wednesday morning, a note was sent out to ABC staff saying comments had been made that constituted “veiled threats” against the ABC’s Ultimo premises and had caused concern to some staff.

“ABC takes all threats against staff seriously and pro-active steps have been taken to ensure the safety and welfare of all staff and users of ABC Ultimo.

“While consideration is given to minimise inconvenience please appreciate that intermittent increased security presence and more rigorous security screening is to ensure staff safety and well-being,” the note said.

Asked to comment, Quadrant editor and prominent historian Keith Windschuttle, a former ABC board member, told Fairfax Media: “You’re talking bulls—, don’t call back.”

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Suburb profile: Eleebana

SUBURB SNAPSHOTEleebana is an Aboriginal word meaning quiet, peaceful and place of beauty.
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The choice of namea century agofor this suburb on the eastern edge of Lake Macquarie could not be more fitting. The blue ribbon postcode is known forits parks, beautiful modernhomes and leafy streets.

A subdivision plan wasdrawn up by Henry Halloran in 1918, for an area to be known as‘Eleebana Point Estate’. Howeverit was not settledbecause the land was not suitable for agriculture.

The first real growth occurred in the 1930s, as the result of the construction of a road from Warners Bay through Eleebana to Valentine.

The expansion of the suburb acceleratedin the 1970s and 1980s as urban sprawl from Newcastle spurred a series of new subdivisions.

Eleebana is about 18 kilometres south west of Newcastle and a 10 minute drive from Charlestown.

LIFESTYLEEleebana benefits from a superb location, enveloped by large tracts of bushland and with some of the most stunning views on the lake.

The suburbs of Warners Bay and Mount Hutton immediatelyto the north offer thriving commercial precincts within a short drive, peppered with shops, cafes and eateries.

Thomas H. Halton park is a popular destination for walkers and lazy Sunday picnics.

LAVISH: ‘Woodside Villa’ on Woodside Drive is one of Eleebana’s grandest homes. The suburb consists of mostly modern, freestanding homes.

Eleebana’s population is older than the state average and it has a high proportion of professionals.

Eleebana consists nearly entirely of freestanding homes.Many of the original properties built 30 years ago are being knocked down or stylishly renovated by their owners.

FROM THE EXPERTS-From Anthony Di Nardo, Principal at McGrath Charlestown

Eleebana is an attractive suburb to families due to the range of activities it offers with easy access to Lake Macquarie’s walkways, parks, boating facilities and the buzzing Warners Bay Esplanade.

PRISTINE: Waterfront homes on the Eleebana shoreline have some on the best views across Lake Macquarie. Picture: Phil Hearne

The suburb over the last fiveyears has seen a steady annual growth rate of approximately 6.5 per cent. Itis extremely sought after for young families as the primary school is one of the best in the region.

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New apartment developments in south-east Queensland: Three of the best

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Millionaires compete for Gold Coast’s priciest homes

Developers seeking approval for Batman-inspired block

Cutting edge: When developers make off-the-plan work smarter

Your inside look at some of the best new developments across south-east Queensland.La Riviere on Cannes

La Riviere on Cannes Photo: Supplied

The La Riviere on Cannes development sits on one of the Gold Coast’s true sweet spots right on Main River. Look down the river and the bright lights of Surfers Paradise beckon, while up the river the tranquility and adventure of the Gold Coast hinterland are calling.

The views can also be enjoyed from the large communal entertainment deck that houses the pool and a barbecue area.

It’s not just the views, however, that make these 16 apartments a stand-out on Queensland’s southern coast. Most of the two, three and four-bedroom residences are over two storeys and all have access to secure parking facilities.

Designed with the utmost elegance in mind, each has spaces for showcasing artwork, private study areas and there are marina berths for those who like their water sports.

Their proximity to the Gold Coast’s famous beaches alone would make them an attractive investment but the region has much on offer and ??? with the Gold Coast light rail a few minutes walk away, the Gold Coast International Airport a 35-minute drive away and access to plentiful public transport, including buses and trains ??? all attractions, from hiking and biking through Mt Tamborine to boating, surfing and sunbaking by the sea, are easily accessible. Maasra Coorparoo

Maasra Coorparoo Photo: Supplied

Coorparoo is one of Brisbane’s older suburbs, populated with stately Queenslander homes perched on leafy streets down which the winds of residential change are blowing with trendy dining and retail precincts being built or planned and sophisticated apartment developments underway.

Maasra Coorparoo, with its elegant touches of wood and stone, is a 131-apartment complex with a mix of one, two and three-bedroom residences all above a storey of retail and dining outlets.

The development is the brainchild of Coorparoo-born and bred brothers Anthony and Jason Karam, who know the area and have said that they wanted to create something that would be embraced by the local community.

To truly appreciate one of Maasra’s greatest assets, one need only look over the balcony, where one of Brisbane’s newest green spaces provides a verdant oasis in the middle of a busy suburb.

Coorparoo Creek Park has been reinvigorated with cycling and pedestrian paths, picnic and barbecue facilities and parklands to explore.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite after a jog through the park, there’s a plethora of dining options available just a stroll from home, from Thai and Greek, to all-day breakfast and homemade pizza.

Then it’s home to an apartment with spacious bedrooms, open-plan living and European appliances. Residents also have exclusive access to a large entertainment area, furnished with a BBQ, gym and 25 metre lap pool. Cyan by Mosaic

Cyan by Mosiac Photo: Supplied

Kings Beach, on the much-loved Sunshine Coast, has been a turquoise beacon for home-and-holiday makers for many years.

If its magnificent swimming beaches, coastal walks, family-friendly playgrounds and sensational surfing aren’t enough reason to call this beautiful stretch of Australia’s east coast home, there’s now one more – Cyan.

Cyan is the latest property development from the Mosaic Property Group and the company’s managing director Brook Monahan says the $20 million, eight storey, 31 apartment project perfectly reflects the current demand for this type of product on the Sunshine Coast.

“The success of this project vindicates our decision to start to invest in the region, and we are confident that this will carry through to the other exciting projects we have planned for future release in this region,” says Monahan.

“As with all of our developments, Cyan has been meticulously designed with the end-user in mind and this has thankfully resonated very positively with buyers.

“Kings Beach is a great location, but we absolutely still needed to get the product right from a design, size, finish and price perspective – it’s a delicate balance.

“We went to great effort to ensure that Cyan was a perfect fit for its environment and the residents that we know will ultimately end up living there – right down to small features such as the pet showers where you can wash your pet after a long walk on the beach.”

And this latter aspect, along with the sublime location, could be one of Cyan’s greatest assets – it’s a pet-friendly, boutique development that would make it the perfect place to call home.

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Words of wisdom for parents-to-be

Congratulations,you are pregnant!
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Advice: Whether you have been planning pregnancy for a long time or you have unexpectedly found yourself pregnant, you are likely to have many questions.

You may have been planning your pregnancy for a long time, or perhaps you have unexpectedly found yourself pregnant.

Either way, you are likely to have a long list of questions to be answered.

The best place to start is with a visit to your local general practitioner, obstetrician or midwife.

Not only will they get you to take a test to confirm that you are in fact pregnant, but they will also set you up properly to ensure you get the right care throughout your pregnancy and be able to coordinate your prenatal screening tests, such as screening for Down Syndrome.

Keep in mind it is important to see these professionals before you are 10 weeks pregnant if you wish to undertake the prenatal screenings, which are staggered throughout the 40 weeks.

After the first check-up, the number of visits with your midwife or doctor varies – usually, in a low-risk pregnancy, they will be scheduled for every four to six weeks at the beginning of the pregnancy and more often later down the track.

At these visits, you will have the opportunity to talk freely and openlyabout your pregnancy and health;check your blood pressure;check the baby’s growth and wellbeing;gain information about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting; andhave all your questions answered.

If you become worried about anything or have any questions between your visits, you can always contact your midwife, hospital antenatal clinic, labour ward, birth unit or doctor.

Even though you may be feelingwell throughout your pregnancy, regular check-upsare really important.

These visits to a midwife or doctor make it easier to treat any arising problems early, so you are less likely to have complications with later pregnancy and birth.

Other ways to make sure you are giving your baby the best start in life include consuming a healthy and balanced diet, continuing to keep fit and active, and ensuring you are getting sufficient rest.

It is also highly recommended that you quit smoking,give up drinking alcohol and refrain from taking illicit drugs during pregnancy and also while breastfeeding.

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Julie Bishop urges Australians to avoid Manchester

The Australian government’s travel advice for Britain has changed after British Prime Minister Theresa May upgraded the terrorism threat from “severe” to “critical”, meaning another attack may be imminent.
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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade now urges a “high degree of caution” for anyone visiting Britain.

Also, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has advised Australians not to travel to Manchester for the time being.

Ms Bishop also said there was still no suggestion that any Australians were caught up in the Manchester bombing, which has claimed 22 lives.

After a meeting of the Australian government’s high-level National Security Committee on Tuesday night, the domestic threat level will remain at “probable”, where it has been since late 2014.

“We would recommend that anyone seeking to travel to the United Kingdom read our travel advice, which is under constant review and brings the latest information that we have to the Australian public,” Ms Bishop told Nine’s Today show.

“Obviously with the threat assessment being raised that will change our assessment of travel to the United Kingdom.”

British authorities are investigating whether the suicide bomber, named as 22-year-old Salman Abedi, was working alone or as part of a network.

A 23-year-old man, believed to be the alleged attacker’s brother, has been arrested.

Mrs May has announced that the country’s armed forces will be deployed to work with police to help secure key sites and other public events.

Following discussions with the Australian high commissioner to Britain, Alexander Downer, and the British authorities, Ms Bishop said there was still no evidence any Australians were involved.

“But I must point out that the grisly task of identifying bodies continues and we are in touch with all the major hospitals in Manchester,” she said.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said security arrangements, including for mass public gatherings, were constantly being reviewed and upgraded by federal and state authorities.

“It is vitally important that we destroy the terrorists in the Middle East, destroy the so-called caliphate, which they [the Islamic State group] have used as such a big recruiting tool both drawing people into the Middle East and, of course, recruiting adherents outside,” Mr Turnbull told ABC radio.

“We have to do that and we also need to be constantly vigilant and improving our intelligence services and our hard security protections here at home.”

The Prime Minister noted increased police presences at crowded events and the introduction of more obstacles, such as bollards and barriers, to hinder attacks with vehicles.

According to the government, 63 people in Australia have been arrested on terrorism-related charges and 12 terrorist plots have been foiled since September 2014.

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